sketchbook poems

I know my sketch book input is irregular and definitely falls into the category of ‘could do better’ but since 2012 I have been drawing sometimes on walks and always on holiday and, integral to what I have drawn, is the poem that is forming as I sit and look.  I hardly ever change the words and they are written in one take immediately once I stop, conveying as much as the image to remind me of the place that made me want to draw it.  As I tend not to reach for paints and don’t want much kit with me, I use water colour crayons and it is the good old lick of a finger and smudge that does the rest!

I have written free verse for most of my adult life and it has only been in the last decade that I have confidently said I write poetry.  I have belonged to a writing circle based mainly in Wiltshire for over 14 years and  I go to the excellent Words at The Black Swan gallery space in Frome where there are workshops responding to the current exhibitions.  These sessions are always unexpected and always interesting as art forms can trigger such varied responses.

The results are on facebook: