mixed media

When I was at art college I learnt a technique using gouache and indian ink.  Years later I rediscovered it and have found the process suits landscapes.  It involves the right amount of randomness in the mark making which is essential for a painting to have life.  Many of these works are of the signature hills around Warminster in Wiltshire which have hillforts, tumuli and strip lynchets.  Quite a few of the paintings have mounted, unlimited edition prints available.  Always being one for producing work in a series and naming them, the Landlines are small landscapes – contours, sheep tracks present using the mixed media technique.

I have begun to draw plants again!  A subject matter I have always been confident at (unlike the human form!) and am exploring the semi-botanical image in pencil, layered with colour.

Also included in this section are the Colour Block Brooches: a jewellery range to add a different scale, using handmade paper that looks more like enamel than paper.  It reminds me that I like construction, however small, that I also have a lot patience!